All meals at Camp Wenonah are now served buffet style! Each cabin is assigned a time to come and eat with their cabin mates or fellow Roots/POLARIS/WCIT participants.

We have been running buffet meals for the duration of the Outdoor Centre season to great success. A few of the highlights of this change include:

  • Two salad bars available during lunch and dinner to provide more variety to menu items
  •  More time available to dedicate to special diets
  • Less overall food waste
  • We have hired more food service staff, including a baker!

Any families with campers that have informed us about their child having an anaphylactic allergy will receive a phone call or email from Director of Operations Fraser “Tito” McOuat prior to their arrival at Camp. Tito will discuss our new protocols and procedures surrounding all special diets at Camp.

Questions or concerns about food service? Let Tito know by sending him an email at

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