20th Anniversary

We celebrated 20 years of Wenonah with 20 events and programs (Wenonah 20/20) in 2016.

Close to 3,000 people took part in person or online in a vast array of events, programs and initiatives designed to celebrate our 20 years of life at Wenonah. 20 years. 20 years of an ever-expanding close-knit community. 20 years of the closest friendships we can imagine. 20 years of personal challenge, growth, adventure, and success.

There are so many moments. Moments that have defined us. Moments that have enriched our lives.

The Wenonah 20/20 events and initiatives each far exceeded our expectations. Four contests throughout the year that engaged hundreds of campers and staff. A photography contest: Wenonah Pics. A short story contest: Wenonah Writes. A song writing contest: Wenonah Sings. A new Wenonah Games logo and rebranding contest: Wenonah Designs.

Our opening event at the Drake Hotel back in February: Wenonah Launches. A year of powerful social media: Wenonah Connects. A year long salute to our Camp Doctors and Nurses: Wenonah Cares. A year that saw the Wenonah flag travelling to over 60 countries: Wenonah Worldwide.

A singular weekend of significant property based projects: Wenonah Builds. A strong demonstration of community mindedness: Wenonah Helps. A fantastic golf tournament in May recognizing tournament honoree Simon Wells: Wenonah Links.

A book of Wenonah stories 20 years in the making: Wenonah Remembers. A remarkable return to our Stockade Summer Concert Series with four concerts headlined by Joanna Chapman-Smith, Ally Soule, Bella Larson and Brendan Beamish: Wenonah Live. 150+ campers and staff that took part in a five kilometre run around the lake or swim across the lake challenges: Wenonah Moves.

The return of many characters from 20 years of Camp for two special anniversary Super Mystery Surprise Days: Wenonah Plays. A memorable day on the high seas of Lake Muskoka aboard the Wenonah II steamship: Wenonah Sails.

Our fundraising initiative for the season (with over 100 donors and $102,000 raised to date) to complete a large addition on the Lodge in time for the 2018 season: Wenonah Gives. A pub night with 100 alumni members: Wenonah Cheers. A Gala Evening with 440+: Wenonah Celebrates. A Closing Campfire for the season that attracted over 400: Wenonah Gathers.

Our Anniversary pages live on as an archive of the Wenonah 20/20 celebrations, and the many remarkable events, moments, and memories that commemorated 20 years of Camp Wenonah.

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