Senior Camper Program Option


Senior campers at Wenonah may choose to participate in our popular ROOTS program. The program was born out of an acknowledgment of the specific needs and interests of older campers who are not yet in the leadership programs at Wenonah.

The ROOTS program groups 15-year-old campers together as an entity with experienced Camp staff members.  ROOTS participants contribute to the decisions made by their leaders regarding program activity choices and take part in focused group experiences. 


Youth aged 15 years old

Length of stay

2 or 4 weeks



Program Highlights

  • Extended focused program instruction, (including: canoeing, kayaking, white water kayaking, sailing, climbing, archery, arts & crafts, outdoor living skills, and more!)
  • A multi-night group overnight canoe trip on Saw Lake and Keyhole Lake
  • Participants join all-Camp programs, including: Wide Games, Options, Campfires, Theme Days, Wenonah Games, and more!
  • A chance to develop and facilitate an all-Camp and/or large group program, for example: campfire, Sing-A- Long Lunch, theme meal.
  • Participants in the program for a 4-week stay may choose to pursue Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross lifesaving levels, White Water Kayaking, or CYA Sailing.
  • Group-based tournaments
  • Nightly fireside debriefs with the ROOTS Staff
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