International Campers

Canadian summer camps are destinations for children from around the world.

Campers and staff travel to Wenonah from communities across Canada and recently from such countries as Mexico, Taiwan, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Martinique, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, England, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey and the United States.

Special attention is given to all international campers. Those campers traveling from overseas are welcome to arrive a day early, and a complimentary transportation service is provided from Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Upon arrival, campers are provided with a full orientation to the Wenonah experience.

While at Camp, international campers are able to access phones to keep in touch with family at home. During the middle of each month, international campers are invited to join other Wenonah campers and staff for a day in the local community (Bracebridge, Ontario) for shopping, a meal and a movie.

Traveling to Canada

All Campers travelling to Camp from outside Canada must have:

  • A passport (and appropriate citizenship documentation, which may include a birth certificate)
  • A letter of permission from a parent stating that the child has permission to attend Camp Wenonah, the dates, flight information, and that they will be met by a staff member.
  • A card with the camp’s name, address, and phone number to show to customs’ officials.
  • Canadian currency for the airport ($25-$40 Canadian should be enough for souvenirs and snacks).
  • Medication must be in its original container. Instructions for dosage and dispensing must be translated into English and included with the medication.

Unaccompanied Minors

Check with the airline you are using for their policy on unaccompanied minors.

There is often a fee for a child under 13 years old to travel alone, and it requires arriving earlier at the airport. Camp does not assume the cost and if an airline insists that the fee be paid, we will charge your Camp account. Please pay for this service in advance, and make the Camp aware so that we can make the appropriate staff arrangements.

Arriving at Camp

  • When they get to Camp, campers leave their valuables (such as passports, airline tickets, and money) locked in the Office.
  • We will email families once their campers have arrived at Camp.

Phone Calls

  • International campers may call home once per week based upon the schedule we have at Camp. We have many international campers, so we appreciate your understanding of this limit.
  • Phone cards are on sale at the Camp Office. A $5 card should last for two weeks.
  • If you have a relative, friend, or colleague in Ontario (or Canada), please consider designating them as your camper’s emergency contact


The language used at Camp is English, and all program instruction is in English. Campers and staff may be able to speak another language (French and Spanish are the most common), but we cannot promise this. Your child should be comfortable with basic English so that the Camp experience is a positive one.

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