Final Forms & Details

About Final Forms & Details

All Summer Camp families are mailed Final Forms & Details are emailed to families. July Camp families receive Final Form & Details on June 7, and August Camp families receive Final Forms & Details by June 30. Final Forms are to be completed online.

All information you submit about your camper online is secure and confidential. Profile information can only be reviewed by the family account holder and Camp Wenonah administrators.

Please note that the Final Forms must be completed and submitted by June 18 (July Camp) or July 16 (August Camp), and payments for transportation and laundry are due when you submit your forms.

(Don’t forget – the due date for final Summer Camp fees remains June 4).


Parents & Guardians – please download and print our Family Checklist to help you keep track of important deadlines in advance of Summer Camp.

Parents & Guardians – please download and thoroughly read the Family Handbook.

Please review the Handbook thoroughly for important updates for the 2021 Summer Camp season.

Notes About Completing Final Forms

  • You must use the same email/username to login for Final Forms & Details as you used to register for the 2021 season.
  • You do not need to complete the Forms all at once. You may return to complete them at any time.
  • You must complete and submit information for it to be received by our office.

The options you can book for your camper include:

  • Bussing – you may choose coach bus transportation to and/or from Camp for your camper. Please note that some Periods do not have bussing options available. Please see our bus schedule for details.
  • Laundry Service – if you wish for your camper to have laundry, you may choose the date(s) for this servic
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