Our alumni group, Friends Of Wenonah (FOW), is over 300 members strong!

Those who are FOW members have a real connectedness to Camp. Each year, the FOW group grows as new members are invited. Most FOW members worked at least three years on the staff team at Camp, are a minimum age of 21 years and/or have made a significant contribution to Camp, and have a demonstrated interest and intent to remain involved with Wenonah in the future.

FOW members play a significant role at Camp each year. Many provide support by helping with new staff interviews, lending a hand with Camp Fairs or even working part of Summer Camp, joining the staff team for a Women’s Weekend, leading POLARIS canoe trips or taking part in Conferences or International Camping Congresses. Many also return to Camp and stay connected with Camp friends through special events.

There is a incredible community that is developed through our FOW group. What many people have realized is that when they leave Camp, they can still have a very real attachment to it through FOW.

Are you a FOW member? Do we have your most recent contact information? Contact us to update your email address, mailing address, and/or phone number.

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