We have some BIG changes to announce regarding the General Store at Camp! 
Not only do we have some new and exciting products that have been added to our collection, but we are totally revamping how we sell and distribute clothing and apparel to our families.
The Camp Wenonah General Store is ONLY available online or at Camp on the first and last days of each session.

Why the change?

By moving online, we are removing the need for campers to possess a General Store account. We are streamlining the shopping experience to make it easy, convenient and flexible while you shop for your child.

More news!

There are no more tuck days at Camp. We have eliminated the need for you to put tuck money into your account. Instead, chocolate bars and chips and other items that we used to sell are now some of the daily snack items available to campers.


Looking for more information about the General Store? Ask Director of Operations Fraser “Tito” McOuat at tito@campwenonah.com.

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