There is lots of news from the Camp Office to share with you. We are excited to introduce digital cabin photos this Summer, and we’ve also made some changes to the way charges are administered for POLARIS and WCITs, as well as for campers participating in swim exams. We also have updates on how to contact Camp by email this Summer as well as important notes on OHIP+ and camper medications.

New!! Digital Cabin Photos

We are making the transition to digital cabin photos!

We are working with our longtime Camp photographer Heather Douglas to provide digital photos to campers. At the end of every two-week session, families will receive a link and password (via email) to our new online Cabin Photo Portal. When you log in to the portal, you will find your child(ren)’s cabin photo. From there, download, save, and print this great Camp memento!

Digital cabin photos replace printed versions of cabin photos that we used to send home at the end of Camp.

Notes About Email

Lots of families send their camper emails while they are at Camp. Please use our email address to send one email per day to your child at Camp. Emails are printed and distributed to campers each day.

Have a question for our Summer Camp office? Email us at


With the introduction of OHIP+, Ontario now provides free prescription drug coverage for Ontarians under the age of 25 for over 4,400 different medications and other drug products.

To ensure that your child will have access to this program if need be while at Camp, please ensure that we have the most up-to-date Ontario health card information for your child. For any products not covered under OHIP+, Camp covers the upfront cost and then passes along a bill and receipt for the amount to families (who can then claim the amount through their Insurance providers).

Changes to POLARIS & WCIT Charges

  • We are pleased that, starting this Summer, the following are now included as a part of the POLARIS program at no additional cost to families:
  • White Water Kayaking Day-Trip
  • Rock Climbing Day-Trip
  • Bronze Medallion/Cross Examination fees
  • CYA Sailing Examination fees
  • ORCKA Canoeing Examination fees
  • $10 McDonalds gift card for a meal at the end of the Algonquin Park Trip

Additionally, families of both POLARIS and WCIT participants may pre-pay for the custom leadership clothing item. Each month, POLARIS and WCIT participants design a commemorative clothing item that is often a significant part of the program for each participant. If you have not pre-selected the option to prepay for this clothing item, and would like to do so, please contact Caron in our Burlington Office.

Camper Swim Exams

As we did with POLARIS examination fees, we have also removed charges to families for any campers taking part in Red Cross swim levels, or their Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross levels.

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