The Wenonah Campership Fund

The Wenonah community has a long history of generously helping campers with financial need attend Camp and supporting campaigns that enrich the Summer Camp experience for all.

Donations can be made online with a credit card. We use the secure Fundly platform to process all donations. We are pleased to recognize donors online for the generous support.

General Campership Program

We believe strongly that the Summer Camp experience leaves a lasting impact on every child. Our goal is for each child to benefit from higher self-esteem, greater self-confidence, newly developed friendships, and a healthier lifestyle.

Donations to the General Campership Program help families that have the financial need provide their children with a Summer Camp experience that will last a lifetime. 

New Canadian Campership Program

Help children from new Canadian families, including those who are refugees, enjoy a classic Canadian summer experience.

The New Canadian Campership Program was established in 2016 to support children from Syrian refugee families attend Camp. Thanks to the generous support of the Wenonah community, the magic of Summer Camp continues to be shared with some very deserving children and youth.

New Canadian Camper Starter Kits

Many of the campers who go to Camp through the New Canadian Campership Program may not have the clothing, equipment, and supplies needed for Camp. The starter kits provide campers with everything they need for their time at Camp!

Starter kits include a duffle bag, sleeping bag, beach towel, flashlight, bug spray, toiletries, disposable camera, and a credit for the General Store to buy a souvenir.

One starter kit costs $150.00.

Jamie Kennedy Scholarship Fund

The Fund is used to fully sponsor several staff members each year to attend provincial canoeing, kayaking, and whitewater kayaking training. Being on the water was a great passion of Jamie’s life, and the Fund is a perfect way to remember Jamie. Significantly, Jamie himself was heavily engaged in the creation of the Fund. Jamie and Jeff spent plenty of time together discussing this initiative; Jamie’s eyes lit up as the idea became a reality. We begin the Fund knowing we had Jamie’s enthusiastic endorsement.

Jamie was his happiest being on the water. And the ripples of his life will now extend to countless staff members in the years and decades ahead and, in turn, they will impact hundreds and hundreds of children. A remarkable legacy indeed.


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