Health & Safety

Two Registered Nurses live on site 24 hours a day.

The health, wellness, and safety of campers is our number one priority. We have a fully stocked modern health centre facility that is staffed by three Registered Nurses 24 hours a day during the Summer Camp season. Our Nurses are often Camp parents, and care deeply about looking after our campers.

On the first day of Camp, each child meets with our nurses to discuss their health. At this time, nurses review any routines around medications with individual campers (all medications are kept locked and secured in the Health Centre dispensary). After that, our nurses are available any time to support a camper if they are hurt or not feeling well.

Director of Health & Wellness Nancy Vandenbergh and Camp Doctor Dr. Phyllis McCord oversee the organization and administration of our Health Centre. In the event of an emergency, the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital (Bracebridge) is only 20 minutes away. Also, if a prescription needs to be filled, or if a child needs to visit the doctor for a minor ailment, campers are taken to a walk-in clinic in town. We will notify a parent when your child has seen a doctor or stayed in the Health Centre overnight due to illness.

In the spring each year, we ask families to complete updated health information on their child and submit it to us online. This allows us to prepare to welcome your child and ensure their wellbeing in advance of Camp.

We are proud to meet and exceed the standards of the local Health and Fire Departments as well as the rigorous standards of the Ontario Camps Association.


The Ontario Camps Association (OCA) was formed in 1932 with the goal of promoting quality and safe experiences within the camping industry. At Wenonah, we are pleased to meet and exceed the rigorous safety and operational standards of the OCA as an accredited member camp.

In addition, we are an active member of, and adhere to the safety regulations of, several other organizations including:

  • Canadian Camping Association
  • International Camping Fellowship
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Lifesaving Society
  • Camp Owners and Directors Association
  • Ophea
  • Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association
  • Association for Challenge Course Technology
  • Canadian Yachting Association

Nut Policy

Many children come to Camp with severe or life-threatening allergies. To ensure that Camp is a safe environment for all Wenonah campers, both the Summer Camp program and Centre for Outdoor Education are designated as “nut aware”.

All food served through the kitchen and on outtrips is carefully screened to ensure it does not contain nuts nor nut products. We strongly urge families not to send any food products with their camper, and we do not permit any nuts or nut products to be brought into Camp. If a product comes into Camp that does contain nuts or traces of nuts, it will be removed immediately from the property.

Sun Safety

We are proud to partner with the Melanoma Network of Canada to encourage campers, ROOTS/POLARIS/WCITs, and staff members to learn about sun safety while at Camp.

We are a Sun Aware Certified Camp. This means that we follow guidelines for implementing best practices for sun safety at Camp. Wenonah is one of the overnight and day camps in Ontario that have participated in the Sun Aware Camp Challenge.

Qualified Staff

Summer Camp staff hold current qualifications in program facilitation and lifesaving standards including:

  • National Lifeguard (NL)
  • Bronze Cross
  • Standard First Aid & CPR ‘C’
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
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