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Something for everyone!

It’s all about having fun, learning new things, and developing your skills at Wenonah. We offer lots of different programs and activities for campers to enjoy and challenge themselves while at Camp. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something to meet the interests of every camper!

The structure of a camper’s program depends on the Period they are registered in. Some Periods offer more individual choice programs, while our Introductory Periods are more cabin and group-based.


Acoustic Guitar





Beach Volleyball

Bouldering Wall


Canoe Tripping Skills




An image of campers and staff enjoying dramatic arts at Camp Wenonah

Dramatic Arts

Fitness Club

Frisbee Golf

Gaga Ball

Kayaking (Flatwater)

Kayaking (White Water)


Mini Golf

Musician's Alliance

Outdoor Living Skills



Stand Up Paddleboard




Campers registered for all of our one month and two week periods, as well as Periods 1B & 3B, choose PICs that interest them to focus on during their time at Camp. PICs are either offered as 4-week (16 sessions), 2-week (8 sessions) or 1-week programs (4 sessions).

  • campers attending for one week choose 3 PICs during their time at Camp
  • campers attending for two weeks can choose between 3-6 PICs (depending on the length of each PIC)
  • campers attending for one month can choose between 3-12 PICs (depending on the length of each PIC)

This chart shows each of our PICs, including how long each PIC runs:

Bronze Medallion Acoustic Guitar Aquasports
Bronze Cross Archery Archery
CANSail Sailing Arts Arts
White Water Kayaking Canoeing (Instructional) Canoe Tripping Skills
Canoeing (ORCKA Levels) Canoeing (Recreational)
Climbing & Initiatives Climbing & Initiatives
Crafts Crafts
Kayaking (Instructional) Musician’s Alliance
Enviro Club Enviro Club
Paddlemaking Fitness Club
Sailing Kayaking (Recreational)
Swimming Lessons Landsports
Mini Golf
Net Sports
Outdoor Living Skills
Stand Up Paddleboard


Interest Sessions

Campers attending any of our Introductory Programs (Periods 1A, 1B, 3A, 3B, 4A & WEEnonah) enjoy Interest Sessions most days with their cabin group. Interest sessions allow groups to participate in the “Best of” activities available at Wenonah. They may include (depending on length of stay):

  • Archery
  • Aquasports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bouldering Wall
  • Canoeing
  • Climbing
  • Dangle-A-Maze
  • Kayaking
  • Initiatives
  • Outdoor Living Skills
  • Tennis

Please Note: Campers attending Period 4B participate in a few Interest Sessions before Wenonah Games begins for most of the week.

Additional Programs

Daily Options

Campers choose from that day’s list of Options and customize their own experience. Choices change every day, but include some of our favourite programs plus a selection of new, fun and wild activities!

General Swim

A part of Options every day, campers always have the option for a recreational swim down at our Beach.

Table Tennis

Visit Ponglandia, located near the entrance to POLARIS Village to enjoy some Table Tennis.


With five tetherball courts located around Camp, there’s always time for a quick game.


Bring your own rod or grab one from Wenonah’s collection and head down to Clear or Saw Lake for some fishing. A part of Outdoor Living Skills, fishing is also often included as a part of Options or as an optional morning activity.

Morning Dip

Start the day off right! Every morning, campers can choose to take a quick dip in Clear Lake before breakfast. If you participate in Morning Dip every day, you can join the prestigious Polar Bear Club!

Morning Run Club

Join us for an early morning run or jog before breakfast! We’ll meet you at the big Camp sign.

Sunrise/Sunset Canoe Paddles

There’s nothing quite like the experience of getting out on the lake in a canoe to enjoy the sunrise or sunset – don’t forget to bring your camera for this unforgettable experience!

Section Programs

Afternoon’s at Camp are often a great time to break into different groups to enjoy a program activity. Whether it’s for campers 12 & under, 13 & up …. there’s always something new and exciting going on!

Cabin Choice

During Cabin Choice, your cabinmates and cabin leader try a fun program together as a group.

Wide Games

#WideGameWednesdays! Every Wednesday afternoon everyone in Camp gets together for one of Wenonah’s signature Wide Games. Capture the Flag, Escape from the Zoo… you never know what may be happening!

Theme Programs

Every once in a while some special (and sometimes famous!) visitors join us and take over Camp for the Day. You may see some familiar faces!

Theme Meals

Sometimes we have some visitors come and join us just for a meal. They often need a little help from everyone at Wenonah.


Wenonah’s own once-a-month Festival!

Camp Wenonah Little Theatre (CWLT)

Our summer showcase, CWLT allows you to share your talents with the rest of Camp.

Wenonah Games

At the end of every month Camp is taken over by Wenonah Games. Campers are placed on one of our three Wenonah Games teams (Aki, Dawaa, or Zibbins) and take part in some of the 100+ events to earn points for their team in hopes of winning the Challenge Cup!


Evening campfires are a staple of the Wenonah experience, you can be sure you’ll have a few nights spent down by the fireside.

End of Period Candlelight Program

The end of every two week sessions brings an extra special Closing Campfire, which includes a slideshow of photos from the past few weeks plus some reflection time. It’s to be sure one of the most memorable moments from your stay at Camp.

Canoe Trips

We offer different overnight canoe tripping options tailored to all age groups and levels of experience. Campers who attend at least two weeks may take part in an overnight canoe trip with their cabin group. We love that Camp sits between two lakes, one of which (Saw Lake) we have private access to. This makes it the perfect spot for an overnight canoe trip.

On their canoe trip, groups paddle out to one of our maintained campsites, cook meals on an open fire, and sleep in tents.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We are pleased to offer opportunities for youth taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program to achieve components of their Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels while at Camp. These components include both the Adventurous Journey and Residential Project.

Please email Woody if you’d like more information.

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