We are excited to begin a fresh countdown for the 2021 camping season at Wenonah! And we are THRILLED that so many of our current families (over 80%!) are all set to register for next season (including hundreds of families that are a part of the new Wenonah Champions Circle).

Simply, thank you for your ongoing support. We continue to be overwhelmed by the response.

We want to share with you today a few important notes for the registration process for the 2021 season for Wenonah families:

    • 2021 Summer Camp registration opens online on Wednesday, July 1 at 3:00 pm.
    • All 2020 registered families with credits will receive a notification of their credit amount tomorrow before registration begins. Please note that our data management program is currently unable to transfer credits from 2020 to 2021 so we are doing this manually! It may take up to seven days for your credit to appear on your account; if you do not see your credit on your account within seven days of submitting your registration, please let us know. We just need you to confirm what periods/programs you would like for 2021 through our registration portal.
    • All 2020 registered families have their 2021 fees held at 2020 rates. This includes any additional weeks being added in 2021 and for additional family members not currently registered for 2020.
    • All 2020 registered families are guaranteed space for the 2021 season BUT you do need to confirm your 2021 Summer Camp registration online. There is no rush. Spots are guaranteed throughout the month of July 2020 for 2020 registered families. We have increased capacities in our most popular programs for 2021 including ROOTS.
    • Two programs have registration limitations until August 1, 2020:
      • WEEnonah – we ask that all 2020 WEEnonah families interested in returning to WEEnonah in 2021 initially rebook for the same Period in 2021 – that space is being held for you until July 31, 2020. If you would like to switch periods, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate new dates beginning August 1.
      • Wenonah Co-op Program – our new full Summer experience is initially available for 2020 registered WCITs until July 31. Other interested candidates (turning 17 by December 31, 2021) will be able to register if space is available beginning August 1.Two programs have registration limitations until August 1, 2020:
    • We will review registration numbers for all Periods and programs beginning August 1 and may set some limits on certain programs for new families.
    • When applications are received, they are entered in order of receipt. Families will receive an automatic email as confirmation of their application(s). Please be sure to let us know if for any reason you do not receive a confirmation.

Please review these documents before you begin your Summer Camp application:

Summer Camp 2021 Dates & Fees

  • We have added a new, flexible installment payment program for those wishing to take advantage of the Priority Registration fees for 2021 (a deposit now to secure your 2021 booking followed by two equal payments on December 15, 2020 and February 15, 2021).

Summer Camp Registration Questions & Answers

  • Detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve had for the 2021 season.

You can register online beginning on July 1 at 3:00 pm!


Share the excitement about the 2021 Summer Camp season, and be featured on Wenonah’s social media channels!
Campers are encouraged to download and print our “Coming Home To Wenonah” signs. Take a photo of your camper(s) holding the appropriate sign (one for individual campers and one for family members… and we’d love for parents to join too!), post on your social media accounts, and tag Wenonah (@campwenonah). Don’t forget to use the #ComingHomeToWenonah hashtag.
We’ll feature your photos on the Wenonah Instagram account!


We are pleased (and grateful!) that Director of Administration Caron Brick has agreed to delay her retirement plans until mid-July to help us with registration.

Please reach out to Caron (caron@campwenonah.com) or Senior Director Mike Stewart (stewy@campwenonah.com) with any questions about Summer Camp 2021 registration.

Senior Director Jennifer “JJ” Jupp is available to answer any questions about your child’s experience at Camp in 2021. You can reach JJ at jj@campwenonah.com.

Director of Leadership Eoin “Woody” Wood is pleased to speak with any families considering ROOTS, POLARIS, WCIT, or the Wenonah Co-op Program in 2021. Please contact Woody at woody@campwenonah.com.


We are working virtually these days with our senior management team located throughout southern Ontario. As a result, our Burlington Office remains closed and, while we continue to pick up our mail at the Office, we request all correspondence come in the form of an email. We will continue to do our very best to respond in a timely fashion.


In an effort to immediately reduce expenses, Wenonah has suspended the use of credit cards as a method of payment or refund until further notice. Payments can now be made via cheque, e-transfers, or wire transfers.

We can’t wait to welcome everyone HOME to Wenonah in 2021!

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