As always, we begin Summer Camp registration for the next season when our first Period of the year is underway.

2020 Summer Camp registration is now open!

We are pleased to offer a Priority Registration period with discounts on all camper fees to Summer Camp families. The Priority Registration Period is available through Friday, September 6.

Registration is on a first come, first served basis for returning families for all Camp Periods. With many campers increasing the length of their stay at Camp each year, we are unable to commit to holding spaces from one year to the next.

Director of Administration Caron Brick is at our Burlington Office accepting 2020 Summer Camp applications throughout July and August.

When applications are received, they are entered in order of receipt. Families will receive an automatic email as confirmation of their application(s). If you do not receive an automatic email your application has not been submitted and your camper is not registered.

If you have any questions you can reach Caron at (905) 631-2849 or by email (

Learn more about 2020 Summer Camp registration.

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